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If you like my website please read this note


The goal of this website is to give support to people who are facing problems in their relationship related to cheating, abuse and narcissism. I am living in Europe and English is not my native language, I wish you will excuse me if I make some grammatical errors. I decided to write in English because I wish to reach as many people as I can around the world.

Learn to control your emotions

If you like this website I warmly recommend you to read my book Learn to Control Your Emotions. If you like the articles and stories on this site, I believe you find the book to be interesting and helpful for you. I am running this website alone and it requires lots of work to write articles and replies (both private and public) to people who are in need of support and encouragement. I would be happy if I could contribute more time to this website. In addition to getting help for your own situation, you can help me to continue to do this work by downloading my book.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of emails I have received from people all around the world telling about their difficult situation and their suffering due to cheating, abuse and narcissism. My wish is to be able to help all those who are writing to me by responding to them personally and giving them my feedback and support. You can support my work and this website by downloading my book. I would also be happy to receive your feedback regarding the book so that I could further improve it to meet the needs of people. Thank you for your help!

My best reward is the knowledge that I am able to help people who are suffering. I am grateful to all of you who have sent me email and gave me positive feedback regarding this website. Your messages serve as fuel that keeps me going and gives me strength and energy to continue this work. If you like my website, please download book Learn to Control Your Emotions and help me to continue to give encouragement and support to other people who are going through the same pain and heartache you are now going through.

After familiarizing yourself with the book please send me email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and describe your situation as well as you can. Tell me if you have been through some of the initial emotional phases described in the book and how you perceive your situation at this moment. I will give you my feedback regarding your situation. You are not alone, together we will get you through this difficult phase in your life. You can start the healing process right now. I will support you every step of the way. To read more about cheating and narcissism, use navigation bar on top of the page or main menu on the left.


Thank you for helping me to keep this website going!

- Maria

If you wish to contact me send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Comments (19)
  • juna  - Sweet-doctor 28 - Divorcing a narcissist
    We know each other for 6 years, been married for 3 years, have one kid 1.5 year. The last 3 weeks I understood through an occasional meeting with a psychiatrist the diagnosis of this man. SURPRISE: I AM A DOCTOR,,,i work in the emergency department. this psychiatrist came for a patient in the hospital i work in, and i just told him that one of my cousins has these symptoms. After hearing the diagnosis I have passes 3 terrible weeks reading EVERYTHING about these people. Never blame yourself for having passed much time with them. Even a doctor IN LOVE can be like this. We look for the cause of these problems inside ourselves, or in normal limits, that's why we miss all, they are abnormal. PLEASE- BE FIRM AND THANK GOD EVERYDAY THAT HE SAVED YOU THROUGH GIVING YOU POWER FROM THIS SITE AND OTHER SOURCES.
  • phoua her  - something new and recommending
    I just never thought my knight in shining armor would n could become this person as i just learned from this known to be called a "narcissist". Our first year, we shared "a beautiful thing" although i did went thru an amount stress n depression but at the time, being with him made me happy or so, falling in love and because i never knew him and only the one he portrays to be, but the point is that i fell in love with him so hard that t was real to me. Things started to change after i broke his heart n he says i cheated but to me, my neighbor had it planned out to take advantage of me wasted drunk n lnowing that my boyfriend wont come looking for me. Idk how much liquor had but i blacked out after two small shots of patron n my boyfriend was there. i later on heard from friends that were there or knows them neighbors what really happened that night. I was shock when i heard n to this day i still dont know. Before we went bad, i've always noticed n see that he isnt a very supporting father to his kids or me as a boyfriend. I got fired from my job bcus he snoozed my alarm when it went off n didnt help wake me up for work n showed no remorse that i lost my job bcus he choose to lie in my face. And afterward. Im still in shock to match this up his personality as he too is what he really is.
  • Angela  - Left a NARC after 4.5 years of abuse!
    :D hello everyone I feel your pain, and thank goodness for this website it truly saved me. I,trying to heal after leaving him, it's so hard. But I know life will go on and I am better off. Remember there is life after a narcissist. ;))
  • Traci  - I did cheat
    I cheated on my husband with a man I went to school with, we met back up at a friends wedding in 1989 Don King back in 1989 a long time ago! but I was married and still am, I feel no remorse. but I put other women down and call them sluts.
  • E  - Thanks!
    Thank you for a great site!
  • Ani
    :) :) :)
  • bruce  - bruce
    good site .I get tired just reading the posts.All i do is try to be so pathetic that she will some me some affection. We have been seperated divoced for 3 years .She tells me about her fuck buddy but woudnt even let me rub her feet. She left me with the children and it is so hard to stay healthy for them . Recently she began to show mild affection .It was uforric and i have been hanging ever since .Then i made the mistake of standing up for myself.Maybe i did the wrong thing im not sure.But no contact since.My ex is a cross between Jennifer Hawkins and Debra Hutton .I am captian average. There has to be somethihg wrong with me i used to be popular sucsseful and strong. Now i dont really like myself.
  • KP
    Your website is fantastic. It is well written, well planned and easy to read and understand.

    Keep it up, I read it everyday.
  • KP
    thank you, thank you, thank you for all your knowledge and for sharing this with all of us who are confused and looking for answers. Your site has helped me tremendously. I feel stronger than ever.

    Best wishes
  • fran  - Thank you!
    Thank you for your wonderful website!
    It's now my favorite bookmark and it has a key role in my healing process.

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