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The goal of this website is to give support to people who are facing problems in their relationship related to cheating, abuse and narcissism. I am living in Europe and English is not my native language, I wish you will excuse me if I make some grammatical errors. I decided to write in English because I wish to reach as many people as I can around the world.


Dear Visitor,


This is a section for personal stories of all of you who are visiting this site and wish to share your story. There are so many men and women in this world who are at this very moment feeling the pain, depression, anxiety and frustration due to insecurity, cheating or betrayal in their relationship. Every day tens of thousands of people go to Google to look for information about cheating, insecurity, narcissism and jealousy in a relationship, to find something that would help them to deal with their painful emotions related to these matters.


I have been one of those people. I have suffered a lot due to betrayal, mental abuse, insecurity and mistrust in my relationship. I felt so anxious and depressed and tried to find some information that would explain the behavior of my spouse and would tell me what I could do to help myself to feel better and get over the pain due to betrayal.


I have written down the results of my literature search and some of my personal experiences of how to recover and heal after cheating. Human brain is an amazing device. It is possible to teach the brain to work in new ways, in same fashion as it is possible to train the body to move in new way while learning to ride a bicycle, to dance etc. Proper training can help you to control your negative emotions instead of letting your emotions control you. You can read more about this topic from page Healing after cheating.


I found it to be very helpful to read the anonymous stories of others who have experienced cheating, mental abuse and narcissism in their relationship. If you wish to get support and new insights to your situation from an outsider who has been through what you are now going through, please send your story to me. Also feel free to familiarize yourself with the content of this website. I have collected here information about those topics that I was interested in when I was going through my mental crisis due to bad things happening in my relationship. I believe you find help and support for your situation from here. Stay strong and do not lose hope, together we will get you through this!


Please send your story to me by sending email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can send your story anonymously, but even if you include some personal information, I will make sure by editing your mail that all of it will be kept private and will not be presented in public. Click this link to continue to section Personal stories: Cheating and infidelity.


You can read more about the content of this website and about my background from page Site Overview or go to other sections by clicking Main Menu links on the left.


- Maria



Comments (2)
  • gidget1  - The Player I love and am struggling to leave.....
    I was just divorced when I met my narc on a dating site. I was ready for fun. He looked like a player from his postings on Facebook. His profile was full of him photographing women and suggestive comments. His story was hilarious though and brilliant. I was intrigued. My gut always told me to stay away. I was the one who pursued him in the beginning. We moved in together eventually. I found out he had been living with someone else at the time and was going back and forth and dating other women and I ended up with a curable STD. He always made excuses. He was just friends with an older woman who was in love with him. I couldn't meet her because she is jealous of other women, etc. He thought of her as a mother substitute. He travels for work all over the country and I never know when he will leave, where he really is for sure and who he has been with. His behavior when I am with him around other women is ridiculously suggestive and he has a way of instantly capturing their attention. He knows just how to do it and not get in trouble and it always humiliates me. I now have an engagement ring and have been paying most of his living expenses for 6 months. This man is brilliant and can read my feelings. He stopped e-mailing me and reduced contact to 5 minutes every evening to tell me he "loves me" and is busy and can't talk. He suspects I am ready to bail. I have to get out of this abusive nightmare but I also know I am addicted to this man. This is going to be tough. He is gone now probably for several months and I have some of his things in my house. I know I need to put them in storage, send him the key, change my e-mail address and block his phone number. I tried to end this slowly but its impossible. I think a clean and complete break is the only way it will work.
  • lisag  - thank you for this site!
    I have been trying to move past my husbands cheating for about 8 months now. Its so hard, but I see a lot of hope here. I love him, I shouldn't, but I do. I am grateful to have this resource available. I really need to talk and hear from people who know this horrific feeling of despair. I am really enjoying the feeling of hope. Its been a while.

    Lisa G.
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