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Personal Stories of Cheating Spouse
Stories of people who have experienced cheating in a relationship
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1 My Boyfriend Sent Messages to Other Girls in Facebook - How Can I Trust Him Again? 69753
2 I am Pregnant and My Husband Cheated on Me - How Can I Get Over This? 35076
3 My Husband Hid His New Female Friend from Me - How Can I trust Him Again? 93154
4 How to Get Over Anxiety and Insecurity Caused by Memories of Betrayal 69520
5 How to Get Over the Painful Memories of Cheating and Save the Relationship 8797
6 Husband Had Multiple Affairs - How to Heal After an Ultimate Betrayal 18535
7 How to Get Over Cheating - Should I Stay or Should I Go 8939
8 Understanding Why the Relationship Ended 14500
9 Devastating Pain and Anger After Cheating - How to Move on 40929
10 How Can I Help My Boyfriend to Recover After I Cheated? 35601
11 How to Mend My Relationship After I Cheated? 24701
12 I Cheated on My Husband - How Can I Help Him to Recover? 119454
13 How to Save the Relationship after Cheating - Helpful Information 14034
14 My Husband Had an Affair for 20 Years - Is it Possible to Forgive 14214
15 How to Get Over the Anger and Emotional Pain after Cheating 48752
16 My Boyfriend Sent Emotional Text Messages to Another Girl - How to Get Over the Pain 55589
17 Cheating Wife - Is it Possible to Learn to Trust Again 14662
18 Understanding the Different Phases of The Recovery Process After Cheating in A Relationship 31449
19 How to Get Rid of The Anger and Obsessive Thoughts After Cheating 43549
20 My Husband Cheated On Me With His Ex Girlfriend - How To Get Over The Pain 37691
21 Methods That Help to Regain Trust After Cheating in a Relationship - How to Recover After an Affair 50505
22 How to Get Over a Cheating Husband 7476
23 How to Deal With an Immature Ex Boyfriend 13382
24 Is It Possible to Learn to Trust a Cheater Again? 11710
25 How to Learn to Trust Again After Cheating - Getting Over the Depression 25455
26 Husband Cheated on Me and Left Me and Our Baby - How Do I Heal Myself? 35889
27 Boyfriend had an Emotional Affair - How to get Over the Pain 27032
28 How to Get Over the Break Up with a Cheating Girlfriend 68156
29 Will a Cheater Always Cheat Again? 24408
30 How to Regain the Trust after Emotional Cheating - Controlling Painful Emotions 13155
31 How to Survive after Finding Out about Cheating and Lying 14834
32 I Cheated on my Boyfriend - How Can I Get Him Back? 32833
33 Husband Cheated Second Time - How to Get Over the Betrayal 17805
34 Boyfriend Sent Sexual Emails to his Colleague and Girls on Graigslist 9218
35 Cheating Boyfriend - How to Learn to Trust Again? 16453
36 Boyfriend Cheated on me with a Prostitute - How Can I Forgive and Recover? 51010
37 Depressed after Infidelity 6552
38 Cheating and Infidelity in a Relationship Leading to Depression 41747
39 Jealousy and Cheating in a Relationship - Advice 13401
40 My Husband is a Cheater - Is he also Narcissistic? 9833
41 Boyfriend Cheated - How to Get Over the Pain 47323
42 Husband Cheated and Left Me and the Children - Advice 10921
43 How to Forgive a Cheating Husband 8487
44 Cheating Husband 12995
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